Sunday, December 6, 2009


What is power of eyes?
No eyes nothing is here and there.
We shall feel just like a blind man.
What is my eyes and says to whom?
My eyes is a Lance and part of human body.
Who is seem behind my eyes?
Answer is I don't know.
If my eyes seem then dead man can't see.
Every one know this our body one day went away.
It is the universal truth, accept it.
Who-so-ever is behind the eyes is called soul.
What a game of ALMIGHTY, no one explain it till so for.
Is it a miracle on the planet?
Yes, blind man gets way to go own self.
My eyes says our body is dummy and running with order of ALMIGHTY.
Thank, almighty I am having eyes to see universe and what people are doing in it.
Our eyes says something to whom?
Whom , I do love most.
We have to love our own eyes and others for ever to create peace for ever.
Why do every living thing having two eyes.
It is best example of similarity, then we have to love all living things.
It is not so easy as it sound, one has to understand it and implement it own self , behind the eyes is having very narrow way to connect ALMIGHTY.
Try to get way, GOD bless you all to develop love and peace for ever.

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