Friday, December 11, 2009



World is running behind how to earn money, but nobody want to care about real earning of self body.
It’s the real earning of our life to maintain health for ever. Every one knows that *HEALTH IS WEALTH *

Our body looks young till last age and function properly its real earning, which remain with us up to last breath.
Every one knows that this body went away one day and rest material left here for some one else.
If our body is not function well then what is need of so many money, which is useless for ever.

What is our body?

Our body is temple of god.
It is made of bones, skin, blood, mind, nerves system.
Inside, its mixture of fire, water, and air is functioning.
Air is auto circuit to take breath, oxygen

Why is exercise must for our body?

Our body is having bent to get movement.
We have to warm up bent, so that the chemical film get heat and lubricate the movement easy and freely.

Why is running require?

We have system to blood flow in small veins to move with help of heart pump to circulate it in whole body.
We have to get balance of air pressure system and get lungs to purify and work like stream flow.
It means running is must for body or take a long walk with full efficiency.

What do to eat?

We have to eat very less to take taste only.
One has to eat minimum to feel every time hungry.
We have to eat fruit and green vegetable to get reenergize.

How much must do to drink water on daily basis?

We have to drink water at least 3lts to 4lts per day.
It will not make any air gap or not produce to build up gas inside the body.

Example of fire box

We are burning wood in fire box and get more flame and running smooth.
You are feeding more burning material to fire box or feed less material to it, what happened now, more feed gives more heat and flame or stop burning, less and slow feed will burn in balance heat and smooth running of flame.

Excess of every thing is harmful to our body.

Why do get timely diet?

One has to develop a proper system to feed with proper schedule.
One has to make complete plan to wake up to sleep on daily basis.
One has to get to twist the body on daily basis to ensure proper working of parts.

Who-so-ever will understand to implement the above must get good results and remain young for ever up to last breath of body and feel smart for ever.

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